A Carpet Cleaner Provider In London

Alice Cleaning Services for Reliable and Convenient

For all home services including carpet cleaning you can always rely on Alice cleaning services. The company provides high quality services at relatively low rates you can easily afford. All carpet cleaning services are offered using high quality cleaning machines. This will ensure your carpet is deeply cleaned to make it very clean. They also employ the latest technology for all their services and have a team of experienced staffs. The staffs are very responsible and caring. Through this they always offer the best services within the shortest time possible. All their cleaning substances are non-toxic and very friendly to children and even your general health.


The rates depend on the hours of cleaning. They will charge you about 7.00 Euros and offer a minimum working hours of about three hours. During these hours they will ensure high quality service is offered. Before they leave your home they always double check their notes to ensure they have met their standards. You can also get other cleaning services like end of tenancy cleaning and spring cleaning. This is therefore one of the top rated carpet cleaning London Companies.